Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor, Stephanie Allen, shares her top tips for a healthier 2020. “It’s so important to find time to invest in your own health and wellbeing. As a mum of three myself, I know I’m better equipped to care for my little ones when I’m feeling fit, strong and healthy.”

Five tips to get you on the right track for 2020: 

#1 Find Your Motivation and Why – What is motivating you to make a fresh start to your health and wellness journey? Do you want to feel more energetic, prevent chronic health conditions or look and feel better in your clothes. Whatever the reason, remember the why and let it inspire you to keep you focussed. 

#2 Make it a goal – Set yourself a SMART goal. 

Start with a goal which is important to you, write it down and place it somewhere where you will see it daily like the fridge, bathroom mirror or next to your bed to keep you motivated and on track. 

The goal should be challenging but achievable and if you can try and make it relevant to an event, such as local events like Landsborough Trail Run, Yandina Spartan, Sunshine Coast Marathon and/or Noosa Triathlon, this will keep you even more focussed.

#3 Plan – Place your exercise days into your calendar and commit. Now don’t be cancelling on yourself, exercise is just as important as sleeping and eating.  

#4 Keep it fun – Find something you enjoy as your health journey should be a long-term commitment, there is no point running the streets if it hurts your knees and ankle joints. There are plenty of physical activities to try, you can keep it simple with a walk or cycle, try a Pilates class for strength and tone or join a sports club to keep it sociable.  

#5 Train with family or a friend – There is nothing better than some family/friendly support to keep you on track with your health goals. Work together, challenge each other and have fun. 

Stephanie runs Range Pilates Studio in Mapleton, and offers Reformer and Group Exercise classes that are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, with a strong focus on correct alignment and technique. 

For more information visit rangepilates.com.au