Another scorching hot summer continues, and one young man is determined to raise awareness of the vital importance of protecting your skin with his invention, bakslap.

Since the loss of his sister to melanoma in 2012, bakslap founder Raphael McGowan has made it his mission to rid the world of this terrible disease. Bakslap is a unique lotion and sunscreen applicator that allows you to protect those hard to reach places. It ensures you protect your entire body, without getting messy hands!  

Raphael McGowan said: “My family experienced the tragic and untimely loss of my sister Tess at the young age of 31 to skin cancer found on her back, leaving behind a three-month-old baby girl and devoted husband. After her passing I felt committed to help put a stop to melanoma, so other families don’t suffer this same loss.”  

Mooloolaba Beach will have this sunscreen available over the summer and will be one of the first Australian beaches to embark on the free sunscreen initiative.  

Raphael explains, “I noticed that despite the shocking increase of melanoma rates in Australia, beach goers are surprisingly still not regularly applying sunscreen. I decided that we needed to remove any excuse they had for not protecting their skin and saving their lives. I’m really proud that we launched this at my local surf spot, Mooloolaba Beach, and our aim is to roll this out nationally.”   

Fiona Simpson MP, State Member for Maroochydore said: “Alarmingly, sunburn causes 95% of melanomas with the most at-risk place on the body being the back. Queensland has the highest incidence of melanoma in Australia and the world.” 

Melanoma is the most common cancer in 15-39-year-olds, and one Australian dies from melanoma every five hours.

Raphael said, “If we can help ensure that more Aussies and tourists are aware of the importance of sun safety, regularly apply sunscreen and save a life then I know I’ve made a difference and honoured my sister’s memory.”  

Visit bakslap.com to find out more and order your own bakslap for the summer.