Spartan Race comes to town

Mar 19, 2019 | Business, Health & Beauty, Sport

The Spartan Race, which originated in the USA, is becoming popular across the world, and involves a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from three miles to marathon distances.

Rachel Lockman, who runs Get Active Fitness and Personal Training in Maleny, has been keen to enter a ‘Get Active’ team into the Spartan Race for the last couple of years, but has been a little apprehensive. “This year I thought, you know what let’s just do it!” Rachel told HT.

“I got online and entered a team and was so excited to find that this year’s race is going to be held in our home town of Maleny.

“I have entered our ‘Get Active’ team into the race, not to win but to give real people a goal to work towards together as a team, to get healthier, fitter and to give them the motivation to create an overall better lifestyle.”   

Rachel has emphasised to everyone who has entered in the team that they don’t have to be the typical image of skinny, fit and fabulous to join.

“We are going to do this together and we are going to help each other get over that finish line. All the people that have entered our team are current members of ‘Get Active’ so they train with me at a variety of the group fitness sessions per week.  

“Coming close to the lead up to the race I have been doing extra training sessions outside of these groups, specifically aimed at the obstacles and the running involved in the Spartan Race.”  

The group has been using the local parks and steep hills of Maleny as their training ground.

“It has been tough and some of our members are very scared, but I will make sure we as a team get there together,” Rachel smiled.

For more information or to register for the April Spartan race, visit spartanrace.com.au


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