Mapping out Maleny

Mar 15, 2019 | Business, Community, Retail Activity

In 2015 Council opened the Maleny Trail, but just prior to opening they realised that they needed a free map to be available for the community and for the education of visitors.

Past President of Hinterland Tourism, Angus Richard, explained to HT how this map progressed. “Time was limited, so it was considered that an external resource would be able to move faster than Council services to create a map for the opening date.”

Through a number of contacts, TripTick Tourism Consulting was chosen to produce a simple map, with whom Angus had a strong relationship.

“I’d also created and still produce a number of tourism maps of the Hinterland for the Tourism Association,” Angus added.

Thanks to wonderful local input from Peter Milton and the Maleny Community Information Centre members a basic map was produced, with the assistance of Angus.

“Cr Jenny McKay generously arranged for Council to fund the initial design and print run,” Angus added.

Initially only distributed through the Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains information centres, the map’s popularity meant funding was soon necessary for additional print runs and updates.

“Council were happy to kick start the design and initial print run,” Angus shared, “but felt that the local community needed to show support for the initiative as it moved forward.”

The ever supportive Rob and Sam Outridge from the Maleny IGA Supermarket were approached to seek sponsorship of the map, and to their great credit they agreed at once. Now through three such updates and print runs they have sponsored some 30,000 copies.

The Maleny Trail Map is now sought after across the coast and is distributed via Sunshine Coast Brochure Display to some 400 brochure racks when stock allows.

The 2019 version of the Maleny Trail Map is about to go to press with the latest updates and once more the support of Maleny IGA Supermarket.

Angus said, “The trail is a brilliant asset for Maleny, the visitors just love it! Rob and Sam are an equally brilliant asset for Maleny. Their ongoing support ensures the Maleny Trail is becoming a ‘must do’ attraction bringing people to the area.”

He continued with a grin, “Of course this truly generous sponsorship activity is only possible with community support for Rob and Sam’s IGA. With the money they plough back in, I’m stuffed if I know why anyone shops elsewhere!”


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