Maleny Independent School moves into second year

Feb 11, 2019 | School

Maleny Independent School opened its doors to students in Year 7 and 8 on January 22, 2018 and will extend its offering to students in Year 9 in 2019 and Year 10 in 2020.

After an amazing first week of learning, the school was rocked by an unbelievable tragedy. As Principal River Stanley took time away to be with his family, the beautiful Maleny community rallied around to support River, his family, the school and its students.

“Many, many people from the community stepped in to give their time and share their skills with our students and ensure the school vision was grounded,” said Leeza Stratford, school co-founder and parent.  

The students have been supported to meet curriculum requirements in all areas and more importantly bring this knowledge into context of real-world meaning through experiential and self-directed learning.  

“They became so passionate about the hands-on science and technologies that we set aside an entire day for these subjects. In economics they started their own business, Maleny Organics, to learn on the job and we made opportunities to get out in the community – building a shade shelter at the Co-Op Garden and meeting some of our local business people,” shared Leeza.

Group conversations and one-on-one chats are just part of the school day, helping with the social and emotional aspects of early adolescents.

So, as the first year ends, the community has taken time to say goodbye and a heartfelt thank you to their founding Principal, River Stanley, and welcome new Principal, Gilroy Hatcher, to a school where students are supported to take ownership of their future.

River, the teaching and support staff, specialists, mentors and families have brought the shared vision for Maleny Independent School into a reality.

For more information check out the school’s website: www.malenyindependentschool.com.au


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