The Jackson brothers

Jan 18, 2019 | Community, Features, Hinterland Life, People

The Jackson brothers from Maleny are well on their way to successful lives, if their current list of sporting achievements are anything to go by. Their participation in many sports has seen them succeed at local, regional, state and national levels. Writer, Jacqui Hensal, caught up with them in a moment of brief downtime!

By Jacqui Hensal

The recent push by the Queensland State Government for people to find their Happy Healthy would do well to have Kyle, Bailey and Jared as ambassadors. The boys have found their passion in sports and have had remarkable success in judo, cricket and rugby as well as representing their schools over the years.

They have discovered early on that it is much easier to be successful at something if you enjoy all aspects of the sport, not just the success.

Presently the boys are focused on the current season of cricket and they will be representing not only their local teams, but hope to be a part of the regional and state teams.

Jared, who is currently in Year 7 at Maleny State High School, is especially excited about his upcoming School Boys Cricket Carnival in Townsville, and possible selection to represent Queensland, as it means a trip to play in Perth. As the family previously lived in Western Australia, it will be an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

“Being part of the Queensland team would be awesome,” Jared enthused.

Older brother Kyle, who is 15, sees it a little differently, he is more excited by the responsibility of captaining his cricket team and says this is the greatest honour he has received.

“I was made captain of the development team a couple of years ago. Being captain of the side makes you realise there is more to playing than just winning. Sport has given me opportunities to make friends and mentor other players. 

“I enjoy pushing myself to achieve my goals, but I really like it when my team comes together after a tough match, win or lose,” he said.

Bailey, who is a previous Maleny State School Captain and now in Year 8 at Maleny State High School, is the statistician of the family and likes to measure his success in numbers. His sporting highlights have been scoring 50 runs in Queensland Junior Cricket, taking the most wickets in Sunshine Coast under 14s (17), including a hat trick and taking five wickets in five overs.

While Jared sees his silver medal at Nationals in judo as his highlight, “so far”, he adds with a grin.

The brothers agree that fitness and friendship are the most important things they get from their sport. Currently they are all involved with cricket, judo and swimming.

Jared played his first season of rugby league over winter while also playing in the winter cricket competition. “I loved playing rugby,” Jared laughed, “it was rad!”

Jared was awarded the Best Back trophy, which was quite an achievement for his first season.

Playing cricket later in the day was a welcome change with Jared and Kyle’s teams winning their finals. Bailey’s team made it to semi-finals, but missed out on success by two runs.

Mr Greg Corkin, who has coached the boys at the Maleny Cricket Club since 2013, said they were tough competition for each other.

“The boys work hard at training, often spending extra sessions at the nets with Paul and the other coaches. The boys are very competitive with each other, but display great sportsmanship to the opposition.”

The hard work pays off as Mr Corkin shares proudly, “The boys have all represented the Sunshine Coast in cricket.”

Earlier in the year the brothers were successful in representing Maleny State High School in athletics, swimming and cross country, with Kyle and Jared going through to the regional team in athletics for discus. Kyle placed third on the day, just outside of state selection.

“The last couple of years it has been all about running – sprints and distance events; but this year it was all about discus for Kyle and Jared,” said their mum, Aileen, proudly.

Tackling the job of logistics for their school and sporting schedule is no easy task. However Aileen manages their commitments, along with her own busy fitness class schedule.

“It’s always a juggle to get them where they need to go, but we make it happen somehow,” Aileen mused. “It does get challenging, but the boys get so much from sport.”

The brothers are looking forward to trials for representative team positions in Queensland Cricket over the summer, continuing to build their skills and a full schedule of games.

This is one family who don’t have much screen time, although if the boys carry on with this much dedication, they may be on the screen soon enough!



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