Health Coach, Paige Renshaw, has us cruising into wellness

Dec 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

By Gay Liddington

Health Coach, Paige Renshaw, practises what she preaches. The results from her healthy lifestyle habits shine through in her vibrant, yet calm, manner.

Over a platter of fresh fruits and colourful salads, she shared her story with HT, of restoring her health, body and mind through whole food plant-based eating practises.

by Angela Reedman-Polinksi

How many of us feel sluggish, or tired, with a consistent stream of ailments or physical complaints? Feeling constantly unwell and lacking in vitality, Paige Renshaw took her health education into her own hands and began learning how to heal herself naturally.

“I spent a decade living with chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, weight fluctuations, endometriosis and just generally lacking inner vitality, before hitting rock bottom in 2012.”

Paige researched and trained to gain a thorough knowledge of the effects of adapting the quality and type of foods she ate, to work on her own wellness patterns.

“I revitalised my body and created a new empowered sense of ‘normal’ and so I turned those skills outwards to help others.”

Paige is a certified health coach and founder of her business, The Whole Connection, which offers health coaching services.

Developing her popular six-week program for clients, she included a weekly menu planner, meal planners and offered one-on-one consultations to help people reach their goals.

“I get a sense of achievement from coaching people to tap into and evolve in their own patterns of health and inner wisdom.”

This year, Paige took on the biggest challenge that her business has ever engaged in, the first ever Australian whole food, plant-based cruise event.

She designed the inaugural journey to showcase her coaching on a whole new level, as a health and wellness retreat at sea with 20 presentations and workshops.

“I developed it to include three-course meals and based the program around the teachings that I share in my course – avoiding cravings, gaining motivation and increasing vitality.”

The nine-day cruise on board the luxury ship, Celebrity Solstice, was a resounding success for all that attended, including the panel of five health and wellness presenters. 

“This was the first time an event like this had ever been held in Australia and I wanted to gauge the interest.”

Paige developed the cruise to include daily presentations in a range of modalities featuring a nutritionist, a medical doctor, a naturopath and two cooking coaches.

“The cruise was created for anyone interested in making better choices for their health and wellbeing and an opportunity to sample plant-based food through our exclusive menu.

“It was a way of taking my whole coaching program out to sea for a different approach and they just loved it!”

The passengers on this voyage ranged in age from 16 to 85 years and arrived from all over Australia, including Tasmania and Perth, as well as Hong Kong, China and Hawaii.

“We arranged a range of activities to meet everyone’s needs and interests while keeping a sense of community.”

The cooking demonstrations were popular, as the cooking coaches showed how to prepare and create dishes first hand.

“The mums particularly liked the style of a cruise break, as it was a balance of relaxation and education, while learning tips to take home.

“We had a few funny moments, the silent disco was a sight to see with everyone singing to their own music in headphones, oblivious to all around them!”

The cruise has further deepened Paige’s passion for revolutionising people’s health and wellness through rebuilding their relationship with themselves, their lifestyle and their food.

“The feedback after the voyage was that the unique combination of self-development classes, travel to different ports, consistent healthy eating and a like-minded community brought together a good holiday feel for everyone.

“I wanted people to disconnect from their everyday; to reconnect with themselves within a community environment.”

The future looks bright for Paige, with her coaching program in popular demand and speaking events booking up fast. Reflecting on the cruise concept she is considering co-ordinating another voyage in 2020, if interest remains high.

“We have been collecting expressions of interest through our website for a possible cruise in the future, it depends on demand, so I guess we will see what the people want.

“I am also considering a land-based retreat for 2019 and people can register their interest – ideal for those who don’t like cruise holidays.” 

For now, the focus is on a healthy Christmas lunch with family and friends and an adorable new addition to the family, Daisy the pug dog.

“We keep things simple and delicious all year round at home with our meals and Christmas is no exception.”

“Depending on the weather, I generally create a variety of delicious salads with beans and rice. If it is cooler and we are wanting a more traditional style of Christmas lunch I will make a ‘neatloaf’ or ‘tofurky’ complete with stuffing and a variety of roast vegetables.”

Paige shares a sample of their Christmas menu and encourages you to try integrating more whole food plant-based foods into your special day.

“There are so many easy options out there from bejewelled pomegranate salads through to simple sorbets for a hot afternoon – try them all!

“Whole food plant-based nutrition is a powerful tool and accessible to our community with local Sunshine Coast and Hinterland fresh food markets and organic food stores close by.”

Whether land-based or ocean bound, Paige is a success story and an inspiration to people struggling with chronic conditions.

“I look forward in 2019 to helping people restore their health and showcasing how delicious and easy embracing a whole food plant-based lifestyle can be.”



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