Taste of Africa tempts visitors in Maleny Lane

Nov 16, 2018 | Business, Food and Dining, Market

By Gay Liddington

Hungry? Head to Maleny Lane for something different at Taste of Africa.

The people of Africa live with a great sense of community, which is celebrated not only amongst themselves, but also shared through the welcoming of those visiting from outside their homeland.

This inclusive way of living is a vital part of Taste of Africa’s mission, to not only introduce African culture and cuisine to the Sunshine Coast but also to create a style of food that is able to be enjoyed by everyone – no matter the dietary requirement. 

The food is plant-based and made fresh daily by the store owner, Cel, who draws inspiration from his home in Nigeria, western favourites and his own vegan lifestyle. The menu is vibrantly healthy, with many of the key ingredients providing more protein than 100g of steak, making it not only good for you, but satisfying too!

One of Cel’s most notable creations is the Akara which is served in a salad wrap, though also equally delicious on their own. Akara is made using black-eyed peas which are soaked overnight, then peeled individually and finally deep fried resulting in a flavour and texture comparable to chicken.

Akara can also be steamed rather than deep fried for a healthier option called Moi Moi, which is paired wonderfully with a fragrant coconut rice salad.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in preparation for service, but it is all worth it to share something completely new and tasty with the community. If you are after a brand new flavour experience, come on in and say hello!


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