Roger Loughnan Real Estate 20 years on

Nov 16, 2018 | Business, Real Estate

By Gay Liddington

Meeting with Mapleton real estate agent, Roger Loughnan, recently was a genuine pleasure. As Roger himself admits with a smile, “Real estate agents tend to rank alongside lawyers for public trust”, but not in this instance.

“I fell in love with this area when we used to come for holidays on the Range, and living here I notice one thing we all have in common – we all feel privileged to live here. The climate, soil, water, landscape, produce, the people.”

“I initially lived in Maleny, and in 1998 I purchased Montville Village Agency, which was located next to the IGA.”

Over 20 years Roger Loughnan Real Estate has sold over 730 properties, and Roger has employed locals and given back to the community.

Part of his contribution was taking on the helm of the Montville Chamber of Commerce in 2010 and 2011.  His tenure included the Festival of Walks event that produced the Montville Heritage Trail Map, and a Kids Walk at Baroon Pocket Dam.  

He also linked local businesses with Montville State School, which led to the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, amongst other events.

He is also proud to sponsor the kids’ end-of-season trophies for the Range United Soccer Club, and has been quietly contributing these for the past six or more years.

With the business now in Mapleton, it is a time to reflect on all that has gone by. “I am conscious of time, now we are celebrating 20 years. Where did it go? We are roaring through life and I feel it’s been a blessing to be connected to so many people. I just want to say thank you to them all.”

One of Roger’s other personal achievements was producing and publishing a book of his father’s memoirs, entirely self-funded. “Dad’s wife Marilyn and I would record Dad’s stories – he had an incredible life.”

As Kitch Loughnan (Roger’s father) says in the introduction: “I have had a charmed life! I have been electrocuted, thrown by bucking horses, had a snake in my pants, been horned out the yard by wild cattle, caught in a windmill, bashed by the Japs, machine-gunned, torpedoed and chased by an elephant.”

If you are curious to know more, Roger has copies for sale or loan in his office!

Roger with Monica McClaren outside Roger Loughnan Real Estate in Mapleton

Ron Geyl, Zoe Rieck, Danny Cocks, Ann Wells, Chris Wells and Christine Cocks raise a glass to Roger

Celebrating 20 years with Roger Loughnan – Susan Hamilton, Matt Moeliker, Marianne Wilkes and Janet Stirling


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