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Nov 16, 2018 | Entertainment, Poets Corner

By Gay Liddington

Poetry is an arrangement of language, artistic word pictures that attempt to inspire imagination, evoke emotion and provoke humour. A poet is an illustrator of words that creates beauty and intensity. It is time poets had a platform in the Hinterland Times, and here it is.

To submit your work for possible publication, please email editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au or post to PO Box 818, Maleny, Qld, 4552. The word limit per poem (due to space) is 300 words.   




Skies filled with passion farewell the day,

The sun kisses far hills in a sensuous way

and Lake Baroon dressed in silver lamé

catches the light of the moon.

She ripples and turns with teasing delight

while the twilight of evening turns day into night,

The mountainous backdrop sets a scene for romance

and Lake Baroon eases her way into dance.

Glistening, she moves with rhythmic persuasion

inviting and daring a lover’s invasion,

But her brilliance soon fades, the masquerade done

so, she stills and awaits the kiss of the sun.

Then, enchantress of Blackall will shimmer and tease,

in a gown made of sunbeams her quest is to please.


© Gay Liddington 2002



When I am old and wear skin like a loose dress

and proud-to-be wrinkles that mock unlined faces,

When I am old and wear survival like a chest of medals

and proud-to-be scars that mimic wounds, now healed.

When I stride into my century like a warrior triumphant in battle

I shall gather those who walked beside me and sing songs of hope.

When I am in the presence of my children and grandchildren

I shall tell tales of ancestors, love, and stories that inspire.

When I am old and wear skin like a loose dress

I will hold the heart of my lover, breathe in contentment

and dance.

© Gay Liddington 2016


Image: Lake Baroon, photo by Victoria McGuin


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