It’s in the Bag needs you

Nov 12, 2018 | Community

By Gay Liddington

Professional Counsellor, Sue Krucker, will once again be coordinating the It’s in the Bag (IITB) campaign, as the Maleny shero for the Aussie charity Share the Dignity. Are you able to help?

“This is when generous people all over Australia fill new or pre-loved bags with new sanitary items, everyday essentials, and items that would make a woman feel special,” explained Sue.

Every bag created in Maleny goes to registered charity, the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (MNC), for Nooreen Harris and her wonderful team to distribute to ladies and women who present, in need, during the Christmas period.

Throughout the remainder of Queensland and Australia, these bags are donated to shelters, refuges, drought-stricken farming communities, charity partners and other service providers to ensure women and teenage girls in need receive a lovingly created gift at Christmas time. For some this is the only gift they will receive all year. 


Sue explained why she became involved, “As a professional counsellor, I am very aware of the effects homelessness has on women of all ages, whether it be due to economic challenges, domestic violence or other circumstances.


“My passion is empowering women – and I know from first-hand experience that the relatively simple act of creating and giving a handbag filled with both essential and ‘pampering’ items can lift one’s self esteem, and instil a sense of hope for a brighter future.


“Knowing that a stranger, a ‘sister’, has prepared and gifted a handbag creates a connectivity within our community – a connection many financially challenged women have lost.”

IITB runs from November 16 to December 2, so this is when Sue will be gratefully accepting fully completed bags, semi-completed bags, clean, empty bags, and items to go into bags. Please drop them off at Indigo Counselling Services, 26 Coral Street, Maleny.


The items needed are: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, sanitary pads and tampons. Optional extras are always appreciated, such as sunscreen, hair ties, wipes, moisturiser, movie tickets or gift vouchers.


After checking each and every bag (to ensure they contain the minimum eight essential items plus a friendly note of support), Sue will then deliver them to the MNC on Monday December 3.


“I firmly believe that a realistic measure of any society is how well they look after the less fortunate in their community,” said Sue.

In 2017, our generous Maleny community created and donated 41 handbags for the MNC. Let’s beat the record this year!


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