Dr Monga joins Mapleton Medical Centre

Nov 12, 2018 | Health & Beauty

By Gay Liddington

For almost 40 years patients have been cared for by a team of welcoming professionals at the Mapleton Medical Centre. Opened in 1981 by business partners, Dr Ian Matthews and Dr Danny Cocks, it was sold in 2017 to Prime Medical Group, and has continued to run seamlessly.

The Centre would like to welcome a new member to the team, Doctor Anjalika (Angie) Monga.

“We are excited to welcome Dr Monga to our family here at Mapleton Medical Centre and we are also excited for the pending arrival of Dr Sultana’s new baby!” said Practice Manager, Sharon Falconer.

Doctor Sultana is away on maternity leave and will return early January 2019 and Dr Danny Cooks and Dr Ian Matthews are not retiring, contrary to a few reports!”

Dr Monga specialises in women’s health care, including pregnancy care, post-delivery problems, peri-menopausal issues, menstrual problems and chronic diseases. “I will soon be inserting and removing Mirenas, so local women don’t have to travel so far,” Dr Monga shared.

This doctor with the gentle voice and calm manner hails from the city of Karnal in North India, where she was practicing for 20 years.

“I came to know of Australia through a friend, and my daughter was interested in living abroad,” Dr Monga explained. “I went to Melbourne for my practical exam and then moved to Mapleton. I had a second choice of location, but I didn’t even look because Mapleton is so beautiful.”

Dr Monga is full of admiration towards her fellow doctors who have helped her to settle in.

“The locals are wonderful too. They are non-complaining and non-demanding; half the time you don’t even realise you are having a consultation! This is good as, once you know people better, it’s easier to prescribe the right treatment. They are very appreciative of everything.”

It sounds like Dr Monga is settling in to the Mapleton community perfectly.


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