Artist of the Month, Jacky Lowry, by her press, image credit David Lowry

Artist of the Month, Jacky Lowry, by her press, image credit David Lowry

Printing is Jacky’s passion, and collagraphs, linocut prints and photopolymer etchings are her favourite printmaking techniques. Nature, especially the world of plants, is Jacky’s main inspiration and she often uses real plants to make collagraph printing plates.

Jacky says a strong influence on her work is a “somewhat feral childhood lived along the banks of the Canning River, Western Australia”.  Her love of nature began there along with a love of the colours, forms, patterns and designs of plants.

Later came an interest in science and biology as well as botanical illustrations. Elements of all these can be seen in Jacky’s artwork especially in the collagraphs made with real plants.

A second body of work explores a delight in pattern, contrast and abstraction, through the fragmentation and collaging of print editions. The source images are mostly botanical forms.

To make these collages, the prints in an edition are cut into pieces and then the same piece from each print is collaged to create a new patterned image.

Each collage made using this technique is unique yet they clearly belong in series, relating to each other through the link of the source image.

Jacky explains, “They express my passion for the forms and patterns of natural systems which may be fractal and wild or ordered like crystal lattices. Despite this fragmentation and rearrangement, the patterns retain a resonance with the original forms and emotions of the source images. They can still be ‘read’.”

After a life of much moving around, Jacky now lives in Conondale on the banks of the upper Mary River and runs workshops in printmaking, paper making and textiles from her studio. Currently open by appointment, email: jacky.lowry@internode.on.net or phone 5435 0085.