It is not uncommon for neck pain to be giving you a headache

It is not uncommon for neck pain to be giving you a headache

Recurrent headache can persist for years and there are many causes. Tension-type headache, migraine, and headaches because of a neck joint disorder are three common types.

These neck-related headaches are commonly called ‘cervicogenic’ headache, usually felt on one side of the head. You’ll find it is always the same side and they don’t swap sides like migraine.

It always includes neck pain, is mild-to-moderate intensity, and neck movements are stiff and painful in a cervicogenic headache. Typically, it starts in the neck and then moves into a headache. This is opposite to migraine and tension-type headaches.

Symptoms of different types of headaches, like neck pain and tenderness, are often quite similar – so it can be confusing.

Your physiotherapist will first examine you to determine if your symptoms fit the cervicogenic headache pattern, as each type requires a different treatment method.

There are so many possible causes of neck problems: a car accident, sport injury, and osteoarthritis in neck joints after middle age can all cause trauma. Poor posture is also a common cause.

The evidence is growing –  physiotherapy treatment is the best management for cervicogenic headaches (and may assist with other headache types too). You’ll be given a program for manual therapy, exercise, work practice advice and education.

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