The team at 1300 Smiles agree regular check-ups are worth it

The team at 1300 Smiles agree regular check-ups are worth it

Dental Health Week falls from August 7-12, and dentist Nathan Abrahams from 1300 Smiles in Maleny offers some valuable tooth advice.

“It’s too expensive” and “it’s painful” are the two most common reasons dentist Nathan Abrahams hears as to why people don’t attend the dentist regularly for check-ups. Both are totally avoidable.

“If you only attend when you have pain or a large hole in your tooth, you will end up paying more for the complex treatment required to save it or worse, paying to have it extracted.

“This way you will have experienced pain before you attend and are more likely to face difficult experiences in the chair than if you attend regularly. Issues can be detected early and fixed more easily and usually less expensively,” Nathan explains.

A dentist may also save your life, with many serious illnesses being detectable such as anaemia, jaundice, sepsis, thyroid issues, acid reflux and everyone’s nemesis, cancer. Caught early all these conditions are more easily treated and, let’s face it, most people don’t go to their doctor until they are feeling quite unwell. By that time, it can be too late.

Attending the dentist regularly not only saves your teeth, it may also just save your life. Regular check-ups every six months are in your best interest. Remember to look after yourself.