physiotherapy shoulderOne commonly treated condition by physiotherapists is shoulder pain. There are three main subdivisions into which shoulder disorders nearly always fall, including rotator cuff tears/impingement, instability (dislocations) and capsular problems (frozen shoulder). Only a smaller number of these should require surgical management.

Knowing more about rotator cuff tears can be useful. Ultrasound scans of the rotator cuff tendons often demonstrate partial and full thickness tears, even in people who do not experience pain in their arm!

Degenerative rotator cuff tears are often a picture of ‘age-related wear and tear’ in the shoulder. Pain develops after an increase in load or trauma to the arm – e.g. repetitive overhead activities – window washing, hedging, falling onto an outstretched arm or falling onto the shoulder.

Pain may be felt on/around the shoulder, down the outside of the upper arm and even further down the arm. Early diagnosis and treatment through physiotherapy will produce quicker improvements in the majority of patients.

Physiotherapists are trained to assess the underlying causes of your injury or condition and provide effective treatment. Don’t put up with pain.

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