Exotic Marigold restaurant wins over WittaA number of years ago, Sam Kulkarni and Ron Coxhell opened the Bombay Mahal in the Old Baptist Church at the end of Maple Street. With authentic Indian dishes from Sam’s home state of Maharashtra in central India, this was quite a deviation from his engineering and IT degrees! But Sam’s true passion was different, it was learnt at his Mother’s side and in the family catering business.

It was this passion that lured him into kitchens of various sizes and disciplines. However, it was his native Indian dishes that he loved to cook the most that inspired his Indian restaurant in Brisbane, then Montville, Maleny and now to the Exotic Marigold licensed restaurant in Witta.

The arrival of the Exotic Marigold has pleased many of the old Bombay clients who flocked to tables as soon as the opening evening was announced in June.

Sam was happy to see so many of the old familiar faces particularly as he had moved on from the old Bombay Mahal roughly seven years earlier. Renowned for the quality and freshness of his dishes, everyone is pleased he is back.

The dining experience he creates with himself at the helm and his team ready to help, will make your night. Witta has a winner.