Dog owners meeting in Mapleton

Dog owners meeting in Mapleton

Mapleton dog owners are anxious to have a fenced, off-leash dog park on any suitable council land in the Mapleton area where dogs can freely socialise in neutral territory.

Hank Wade has decided to champion the cause and told HT, “There are many elderly people living alone with just their dog for a companion. A dog park provides them with an outing, social contact and support from other dog owners.”

The dog park would therefore need to be within easy walking distance within Mapleton so elderly dog lovers can use it.

“We have support from over 150 dog owners from the district so far but to gain the attention of the Sunshine Coast Council, we need more dog owners to register their interest with us.

“We would be grateful for the support of those within about 40km from Mapleton. They can email us or join our Facebook group and we will keep them up-to-date about progress and any group activities.”

Our group email contact is mapletonneedsadogpark@gmail.com

Our Facebook group is Mapleton Needs a Dog Park