Men’s Health WeekDr Edwin Kruys, Ochre Health

According to a large amount of research, it appears that men tend to live about four years less than women. Men also appear to have a higher risk of dying from heart and lung disease, liver disease and suicide.

The good news is that this gap in life expectancy is gradually narrowing.

A way in which men can look at their personal health is by comparing it with a car. Just like we have our car serviced regularly, we need a check-up too. Sometimes, the only way to find out how things are going is by having a look under the bonnet.

For example, it is good to regularly check the tyre pressure (blood pressure) and the various fluid levels (blood sugar and cholesterol).

It’s also important not to overload the car.

Our mental health should not be ignored. We need to make sure that our tow weight is not too high. If we’re towing a lot, an extra engine checkup is always a good idea.

Lastly, batteries may run flat. This happens, even in cars with high towing capacity. If you have troubles starting up in the morning, or the engine isn’t running smoothly, visit your GP.

Men’s Health Week is a good time to book your annual checkup. Don’t wait too long – repairs may take longer or are more expensive if you do.