Palmwoods Devils Under 8s at training

Palmwoods Devils Under 8s at training

Physiotherapist, David Peirce, shares what kids should be doing before and after sport and what to do when injuries do happen.

Warming up

Arrive at the ground at least 20 minutes before play having eaten and with plenty of water on board. The team should do a dynamic warm up starting about 15 minutes before the whistle.

Static stretching is for after the game – NOT warming up.

Hurt on the Field

Can they play on? Quite often kids need a few minutes to settle down after a tackle or kick or collision  – the initial pain doesn’t always match the injury. If in doubt at all – they go off.

After the game

Drink water, eat, and perform gentle static stretches to help the body recover.

Acute injury management

  • Ice the injured area for 10-15 minutes and then wrap with a compression bandage
  • Use crutches, slings to help the area rest
  • Don’t try and play on if you’re limping or can’t lift your arm!
  • Don’t play again that weekend if you can’t fully weight bear, move through full range and feel strong enough to play
  • Concussions – visit https://sma.org.au/resources-advice/concussion

Remember this guide does not replace medical advice for specific injuries and if in any doubt, seek advice from Tim or Mary Bagshaw or Andrew Stewart at Maleny Physiotherapy on 5494 3911.

Enjoy the season!