physio hipAre you preparing for hip or knee replacement surgery? Your surgeon and rehab team are critical to your success, but they would also say you are just as important to your outcome!

Dr Mike Evans says there are five key things you need to know about a hip or knee replacement:

  1. The stronger your muscles are around the joint, and the fitter you are in advance of the surgery, the better you’ll do. Develop a routine to build up your muscle and flexibility with your physiotherapist.
  2. Managing expectations – most of you will be back to walking, with assistance, the following day. Moving might be painful, but the outcomes are better if you work with your rehab and nursing team – motion is lotion! More movement means less blood clots, less chance of pneumonia, more independence. Your physiotherapist will help with walking aids and mobility.
  3. You might need pain control for 6-12 weeks after the operation. Swelling can last for several months after surgery, so elevate your leg and avoid sitting/standing in one place for long periods of time. Bruising is normal, talk to your rehab team or doctor if you feel overwhelmed. Also, ask your physiotherapist about ways to help with reducing the swelling.
  4. Making your home safe to move around with a walking aid, and don’t rush. Purchase useful items before surgery like a long-handled shoe horn, a long-handled reacher, firm pillow, raised toilet seat.
  5. Attitude – balance optimism with realism and ask for help when you need it!

If you are considering having hip or knee replacement surgery, please call Tim or Mary Bagshaw or Andrew Stewart at Maleny Physiotherapy 594 3911 to help you prepare for your surgery.