Range Care Op Shop Coordinator, Jennie Clark (L), and volunteer, Lyn Farley (R)

Range Care Op Shop Coordinator, Jennie Clark (L), and volunteer, Lyn Farley (R)

RangeCare’s new op shop at The Old School House on Obi Obi Road in Mapleton is opening 9am on Wednesday, May 2, and RangeCare’s CEO, Jenny McCafferty, is excited.

“Fundraising is becoming more-and-more important for our organisation because the way that we receive funding from the government has changed, so opening an op shop is a wonderful opportunity for our organisation,” said Jenny.

Jenny explained that RangeCare can no longer use unused funds from some of its lesser-used service categories, because any unused funds in the service categories must now be returned to the government.

Jenny said that for a while now, RangeCare had been exploring different fundraising options so that it could continue to meet the growing in-home, respite and social support needs of people along the Blackall Range and surrounding areas.

“It’s a win-win for our community because not only are we raising money to deliver much-needed services to people in need along the range, we are also contributing to other community organisations through the rent that we pay to the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) … all while providing the community with access to good quality, pre-loved clothing and household items.”

Jenny said that RangeCare is so grateful for all the volunteers who have put their hand up to work in our new shop.

“This is a new venture for us – we know how to work in the community care sector; however, working in retail will be a new world for us,” said Jenny.

“Having our experienced Op Shop Coordinator, Jennie, as well as a great team of volunteers – some of whom have worked in retail – will help with a smooth opening.”

Jenny said that she was happy to hear that The Sunshine Hospice, which had been operating an op shop at The Old School House for many years, was able to relocate to Montville.

“We wish them all the very best at their new location.”