Mapleton Surplus Market - Come honeycombing in Mapleton!

Come honeycombing in Mapleton!

The idea of honeycombing is combining our individual efforts into one abundant hive. Inspired by the productive soils of Mapleton and the cost of organic fruit and vegetables, honeycombing uses the surplus from people’s gardens and houses to create a couple of hours of sharing and friendship – and it really works.

Based at Mapleton Hall from 9am on the third Wednesday each month, demonstrations are part of the morning and everyone has a special skill or knowledge to share.

This month Lynda shows us how to make Kombucha, and parents and caregivers also have a great break while the kids play together.

The best part is – NO MONEY! Food can be nourishing, delicious and free. Growing food takes time and work, but Mapleton is renowned for its talented gardeners and rich soils.

Honeycombing is also at the Obi Obi Hall on the first Wednesday of each month and is called the “Obi Surplus Enjoyment”. It is hoped that people will make the drive to reap the rewards.

Remember, this is about surplus so just bring what you are happy to give away or can’t use. This could be produce, seeds, clothes, toys, tools, books, baked goods or preserves. And if you don’t have anything to give away, just pop in, as we will need someone to take all those unwanted cucumbers!