Wayne Knetter – your local printer

Wayne Knetter – your local printer

by Victoria McGuin

There is a very useful addition to Woombye village centre for anyone who needs pretty much ANYTHING printed: Wayne Knetter’s 4CP, which creates and supplies promotional products, stickers, business cards, labels, signs, name badges and much more.

Wayne has been a Woombye local for 20 years, after a career which began on-air with radio, crossed over to TV sales and eventually morphed into graphic art!

“I had a four-year job setting up the artwork for most for the printers on the coast when the phone numbers all changed to more than six numbers,” Wayne says. “Then I worked for an ad agency in Brisbane as a production manager, graphic artist and pretty much everything else.”

Wayne shows me some of his work, with noticeably vibrant colour on a variety of objects and materials, ranging from erasers to signage.

“We’re in the digital era now,” Wayne explains. “These are top-line quality results, a world of difference from the old machines.”

Wayne prides himself on catering to jobs of any size. “The big boys with big machines don’t really want to do the fiddly stuff and the small runs. One of my machines does unusual objects, such as golf tees, pens, jars, bottles and odd-shaped keyrings.

“Clients are welcome to sit with me, do the artwork together and go away with proofs.”

Wayne believes he is “one of the only label printers on the coast now” with exceptional full-colour results.

“My prices are lower than Officeworks and I am close to Vistaprint, and I have a courier who delivers up and down the Range – so give a local bloke more of a go!” he grins.

Phone Wayne on 5442 3341 or visit www.4cp.com.au