Daniel McLennan - Oneroom2 on MapleHairstylist to the stars, Daniel McLennan, brings his experience and expertise to his latest venture Oneroom2 on Maple, previously Hair on Maple.

Hairdressing for 28 years, Daniel has looked after clients such as Kylie Minogue, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joan Collins, Debbie Gibson, Petula Clark, and Maggie Smith.

Daniel has worked on the annual Pay TV ASTRA Awards, at Australian Fashion Week for top designers and on awards events for Marie Claire magazine.

For Australian Fashion Week Daniel also regularly styles photo shoots for publications, and his TV work includes hair makeovers on the Today Show and West End theatre in London.

“I love being back in my natural home, the Sunshine Coast. The Maleny community has been so welcoming –  to make me feel at home.

“I give a big thanks to the team at Oneroom2 on Maple; Yvette, Stephanie, Amy and Melissa. Their strive to create individual, on-trend styles and colour to suit our clients’ needs is their passion.

“Our goal is to be a 100% sustainable, natural, organic salon; and that is my passion.”

You may be surprised to learn that the Australian hairdressing industry sends 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium back to landfill each year. That’s one and a half million kilos, about 715 cars, or four jumbo jets!

Unfortunately aluminium doesn’t degrade easily, it actually contaminates the soil for 500 years. Add to this the waste of plastics, colour tubes, cut hair and more, and you soon see that beauty at any price is no longer an option.

“I believe businesses must act responsibly in their communities. Our sustainability program can reduce waste, allowing us to do our small part to improve the global situation, locally.”

After joining Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA), Oneroom2 on Maple now recycles 95% of its waste.

Rather than contaminating the waterways, excess shampoo and hair colour waste now go to a chemical recycler. Plastics are also recycled into construction material and gardening equipment.

What’s more, proceeds from recycling benefit the community through several programs. Every kilo of recycled aluminium helps Oz Harvest fund four meals for the homeless.

Ponytails go to the Variety Charity to provide wigs to children with alopecia, while cut hair is made into containment booms used to absorb oil spills.

So, make a visit to the team and combine an indulgent experience with creating the perfect look for you – and look after our environment!