Garden and art

Art is helping fund the next project of a play area at Maleny Co-op Community Garden

Art is helping fund the next project of a play area at Maleny Co-op Community Garden

Have you ever wondered what is happening in the garden behind the Maple St Co-op shop?

Named the Children’s Festival Community Garden in August 2012, this place allowed us to come together to play, learn, share and co-create.

Art and garden design have been integrated to provide local artists and children with space to express their talents and leave a creative gift to the community.

Art in the garden reminds us all that not only our bodies need nourishing food, but also our souls and minds. The garden is open for all to enjoy and revive, and contribute to its harmony in a gentle, caring and creative way.

Less than a year ago, the garden attracted a few new people who have since committed themselves to work on the Maleny Co-op Community Garden vision, bringing in fresh ideas and finding ways to improve the existing garden structure.

Now supported by the Sunshine Coast Council Grants Program, the financial means is in place to purchase gardening equipment and more raised garden beds, to make the whole experience easier and more productive for all.

The garden will hopefully become a learning space for different community groups, so the building of the essential weather shelter is on the way, with the significant financial support of the landlord, Ian McDonald.

The vision is one of gardening, art, craft and music workshops taking place amongst many other creative possibilities, especially for homeschooled kids.

One of the gardeners, Derek James Butterfield, is bringing to the garden a profound understanding and practical knowledge about how to restore soil health to allow the Mycorrhiza fungi to thrive.

Garden Project manager, Sammy Ringer, is excited that CHASM (Compassionate Housing Alternative Solutions Maleny) may incorporate a tiny display house in the garden, an affordable alternative home for those who find the average rental prices too high.

Local native plant nursery “Forest Heart” and Barung Landcare will be providing a range of native plants to enhance the garden space to attract native wildlife.

Artist, Laura Vecmane, is currently working on a mosaic owl sculpture project under the mentorship of local mosaic artist Brett Campbell, supported by Arts Queensland.

A priority is to recreate the kids’ play area/sandpit. The previously used wooden logs have served their purpose, so longer-lasting stone boulders will be a wise investment and fun attraction for kids. The Community Garden needs to raise $550 for this cause.

Laura will be having an art exhibition from December 8 called “Garden & Art” where 25% of each sold artwork will be donated towards the restoration of the kids’ play area in the community garden.

The Community Garden welcomes volunteers, innovative ideas, and practical and financial donations. There is constant ongoing weed management in progress that anyone can help with.

Find out more – follow Maleny Co-op Community Garden Facebook page or contact Sammy: 0498313068