Speed limit changes on Maleny-Kenilworth Road

80km road signMotorists will be slowed down in a bid to improve safety on Maleny-Kenilworth Road at Conondale.

Transport and Main Roads North Coast District Director Leah McKenzie said the speed limit would be reduced from 100kph to 80kph along a section of this road prior to Christmas.

“A speed review undertaken on this road identified the need to reduce the speed between Curramore Road and Ellaman Creek,” Ms McKenize said.

“Our review considered factors such as road characteristics, crash trends and prevailing speed limits.

“Based on our findings, we determined that a speed reduction would benefit safety along this steep and winding section of the road.

Ms McKenzie said the changes were endorsed by the local speed management committee, which includes members from Queensland Police, Sunshine Coast Council and Transport and Main Roads.

“I urge all motorists to observe the new speed limits once they are introduced and to always drive to conditions,” she said.

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