Melissa Chaddock joins the RE/MAX Hinterland team

Melissa Chaddock joins the RE/MAX Hinterland team

Melissa Chaddock combines her favourite place to live with the career she has long wanted, joining Mark Clayton, Michael Reck, Susan Brant and Ellie Hood as part of the RE/MAX Hinterland team in Maleny.

Growing up in a real estate family, the industry always held great attraction to Melissa.

“Bringing people and homes together, helping them find solutions and fulfil dreams… a real estate agent seemed a wonderful role,” said Melissa, “but it has taken me a few years before seizing the opportunity.”

Those years included 18 years in the UK, where she worked in antiques, with architects, and with local and federal government before returning to Australia in 2005 with an Environmental Studies Degree, a husband and a baby.

“We decided the Maleny area was the place to settle because of the lifestyle we’d have, the diverse group of people living here and the strong sense of community.  Add to that, the beautiful mountain environment, the cultural offerings and the fact it was close to the beach yet still a comfortable distance from Brisbane, made it the perfect place to call home.

“Once I had obtained my real estate qualifications, I only wanted to work in this market, where we live.

“It is a strong market, with all the very solid reasons that attracted us to the area continuing to attract others.”

When she was ready to launch her real estate career she called the agent she had purchased her family home through, over a decade before. The timing was perfect for Mark Clayton, as the team were ready to grow.

“Our team have customers at its heart, giving great service to a community and property market it knows really well because it has a complete focus on the area,” Melissa said.

Experience the best, call Melissa on 0400 550 035, email, visit 2/10 Maple Street,  or