Citroen Car Club of Queensland

Citroen Car Club of Queensland

The Citroen Car Club of Queensland will be coming to Maleny on Saturday November 11. They will assemble at the Showgrounds from 9am before heading down Postmans Track and arriving in Kenilworth for a taste of the local cheeses around 10.30 am.

The majority of cars will be pre 1956, plus several later models, and the idea is to have them out on display and rid them of the collected cobwebs!

From Kenilworth the group heads north along the Mary Valley Road, turning at Tuchekoi to the old Bruce Highway; then through Cooran onto Kin Kin for lunch.

From Kin Kin these gorgeous cars will grace the localities of Cedar Pocket, via Gap Road and Goomboorian, before heading to Tin Can Bay and a Sunday lunch at Rainbow Beach.

Locals keep a look out for the chance to get a close-up view of the cars and chat to their owners.For further information contact the organiser, Malenyite and ‘Citroenut’ Ian, on 0427608186.