Kim Herringe in progress - there’s a wealth of printmaking talent on display at Montville Art Gallery this month

Kim Herringe in progress – there’s a wealth of printmaking talent on display at Montville Art Gallery this month

There is an exciting subculture of printmaking talent in the Blackall Ranges, and this talent is being showcased at the Montville Art Gallery throughout November.

“Our local printmakers are world-class and produce an abundance of stunning original art,” shares Tracey Malkin from Montville Art Gallery.

Printmaking covers a vast array of techniques from etchings with metal plates, to relief printmaking with lino and woodblocks, and mono-printing.  The subject range is vast, with imagination going into overdrive.

Lino printing has been taken to a whole new level with the development of ‘reductive lino prints’.  This is where the artist carves their lino block, then inks and prints it, carves more from the same block and inks and overprints with the next colour.

This process is repeated, continually carving and printing from the same block until the image is complete (printing from 2 to 15, sometimes more, colours).  As the block is carved, it is ‘reduced’, hence the name of the process.

The end result is a detailed, complex and very compelling edition of work. An edition which cannot be reprinted as the lino block is completely different from the beginning.

“One of our leading printmakers in this field is Kim Herringe, who also uses antique manuscripts and ledger books, often from the Far East, in a variety of printmaking media,” says Tracey.

“The paper is of high quality, albeit slightly blemished by the passage of time and gives a wonderful patina and variation to her printmaking.”

Another form of printmaking is Monoprinting, where an original image is printed as a single unique print. These prints can be enhanced with other forms of art, for example hand-colouring or collage, and are also beautiful works of art in their own right.

“Our printmakers use hand-printing and time-consuming methods to produce what are truly individual works of fine art,” Tracey explains.

The prints are editioned and signed by the artist, and Montville Art Gallery will have a range of these available for purchase during November.  There will also be forthcoming printmaking workshops – you will be able to register your interest at the gallery on 07 5442 9211 or