30 years for the hospital!

Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Residents can help us celebrate Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital’s 30th anniversary on Saturday, October 14, from 11am-4pm at 17 Bean Street, Maleny.

Staff and Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members will host a fête to celebrate 30 years since the hospital was opened at its current location.

Acting Director of Nursing, Glennis McAlpine, said the fête was an opportunity to welcome the community and help raise funds for the Hospital Auxiliary.

The community event will feature food stalls, entertainment, a Maleny’s Got Talent competition (please phone 5420 5025 to register), games and fun activities for children, health services displays, and Back to Maleny– Born in Maleny (a competition for all those born in Maleny Hospital).

Ms McAlpine said. “Over the past 30 years, many items of equipment have been purchased thanks to the kind donations and fundraising activities of the community, Maleny Hospital Auxiliary and local community clubs.

“It’s going to be a great day and I hope you’ll all come out to support our hospital and our auxiliary,”