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A new vision for Maleny Independent School

A new vision for Maleny Independent School

By Victoria McGuin

On January 22, 2018, after three years of planning and preparation by a core group of local parents and specialists, the Maleny Independent School will open its doors.

Paul Stratford, a spokesperson for the School, is extremely positive about the possibilities ahead. “A few of us had children at the Ananda Marga River School, and we realised high school was looming. We wanted more choice for our kids, so decided to create a new school.

“A small group of us have led the initiative, but many people have come in and out to lend a hand, and many other local businesses and stakeholders have supported the idea.

“In fact, a very well-known and popular local teacher, River Stanley, is now the Maleny Independent School principal.”

The school will initially cater for Year 7 and 8 students, with the expectation of growth each year, aiming for Year 9 students by 2019 and Year 10 students by 2020.

“We are starting small because this is not about being big or profitable, but about delivering a great education,” Paul explains.

“We will follow curriculum benchmarks, but our approach to reaching them may vary at times from ‘traditional’ schools, with plenty of project-based learning, local specialists and mentors – and we encourage families to be interactive in the process.”

Interviews are underway, and Paul says they have seen families from as far afield as Brisbane and Redcliffe apply.

“We are a fee-paying school, with some state and federal funding, but we don’t want to become financially out of reach for people who really want this kind of educational choice,” Paul states.

“It is important that parents and carers come and talk to us; let’s just start the conversation to see if there is a way your child can attend.”

The school offers a neo-humanist, holistic approach, where students can create experiences linked to their interests and initiatives.

“We want the students to learn through ‘real world’ experiences, extension programs and through making educated choices themselves, managing risks and being brave.”

Located in the heart of Maleny in Coral Street, the school is close to valuable resources, such as the pool, library and sports fields, and aims to build on community engagement. “We want this great community involved, and this school is a good draw for the community too.”

It sounds like a win-win situation for everyone.

For more information or to book into their next information session on October 30, please contact: