‘Paws of Thunder Dog Race’ is on!

The Maleny Apex Club is proud to present the Maleny Apex Dog Race on  September 10 from 8am, at the main oval, Maleny Showgrounds.

Come and enjoy a day of family fun with loads of activities for the kids, including the obligatory jumping castle and plenty of great food and refreshments.

Visit the entry tent to buy tickets to compete – $5 entry per race – with the proceeds going to local students through Roadcraft Driver Ed.

The day features the Maleny Vet Services K9 and the Cup and Ute Jump. NO DANGEROUS BREEDS admitted.

The Maleny Apex Dog race aims to celebrate the contribution of dogs to Maleny’s farming past, and bring together the varied facets of the Maleny community through the uniting factor of ‘man’s best friend’.

Proceeds from the day go to help fund sending every Maleny High School student to the two-day driver education programme ‘ROADCRAFT’.

The program offers a terrific day out with loads of activities for dogs and humans alike! Races to run and watch, displays, live music and more… A maximum of 15 dogs will compete in each heat.

The races are approximately 80m (unless otherwise stated) and  The dog that crosses the finish line first will be declared the winner, irrespective of the route taken or other canine interference!

A prize presentation will follow the final of each event, and any dog may compete in as many races for which it is eligible, however, may only win ONE first prize on the day. In the event of a dog taking first position previously, they will be passed over for the next “runner up”.

There is certain information everyone needs to know about,  to ensure a safe and happy day: Unless within the race compound, dogs must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES; all entrants compete at their own risk; during the running of races, spectators are asked to remain outside the orange barricade, and owners must ensure their dog has access to water.

Patrons are to be considerate of one another and remember the race organisers accept no responsibility for the actions of patrons or their dogs throughout the day.

So bring your four-legged friend and let those paws  thunder to win a race!


9am TINY TACKERS (any dog 7.0kg and under)

9.15am MINI-MUTTS (any dog 7.1kg-15.0kg)

9.30am KEEP THAT KID ON A LEASH! (any dog on lead with (up to) 12 year old handler)

9.45am AVERAGE JOES (any dog 15.1kg-30.0kg)

10.00am MEGA-MONGRELS (any dog 30.1kg and over)

10.15: RACING BABIES (any dog 1 year and younger)

10.30am ‘TWEENIE STAKES (any dog 13 months to 9 years)

10.45am GOLDEN OLDIES (any dog over 9 years)

11.00 THE MAIN EVENT – THE MALENY VET K-9 CUP (for working dogs and their crosses)

11.15 LADIES DASH (any female dog)

11.30am GENTLEDOG SPRINTS (any male dog)

11.45am FASTEST DOG ON THE HILL (open slather –anything goes)


12.15pm UTE JUMPING (for all those fence-climbing, athletic types)