Maleny banking comes in threes

Banking and finance is not always the most scintillating of conversations, but with the closing of not one, but two banks in Maleny in the space of months, we thought it was time to evaluate what options there were for locals who wish to bank in their own town.

Since notices of closure of Suncorp and ANZ in Maleny, Bob Malcolm, Maleny Credit Union CEO said they are receiving more enquiry.

“Changing financial institutions is much easier than it used to be,” Bob said, “but there is still a process that people go through. We will certainly do our best to ensure that the transfer process to Maleny Credit Union is as smooth as possible.

“At present, our business banking offering is limited, however, this will change over the coming period as we introduce merchant banking facilities and other business banking products.”

MCU are also planning changes to improve their product range, “We have had solid growth over the past couple of years – the future for MCU is looking great.”

Meanwhile Sam Archer from Bank of Queensland is now the joint Owner-Manager BOQ Buderim and sees a very bright future for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

“Customers in Maleny and the surrounding hinterland area can be reassured that BOQ Maleny and its ATM remains open to service your day-to-day banking needs,” said Sam.

“We will continue to work closely with the banking specialists at BOQ Maleny who are available to support your regular transactional needs, while for more complex matters such as the purchase of a new home, I’d like to encourage customers to contact us to make an appointment, so that we can meet with you at the BOQ Maleny branch, or at a location more convenient to you.”

Mid-August, sees the opening of the new ANZ Mobile Lending office at Banksia House in Maple Street.

“We have been helping customers in this area for the past 12 years and my intention is to continue to build our presence in the Maleny area and be more available to customers all over the Hinterland,” said Jacques Fayolle, owner of the independently-owned franchise.

Jacques and his team of eight pride themselves on banking the old fashioned way with great personalised service, “We assist customers with complex loan situations, multiple properties, self-employed income, business and family trust incomes, and even pensions from overseas sets us apart – we do this type of lending everyday and we know how to help.”

So if you are planning changes with your bank – look local, we’ve three excellent options and all in our Maple Street, Maleny!