Laura’s Earth Art in Maleny

In the process of creation, it will be the first time Laura Vecmane has entered Sculpture On The Edge

In the process of creation, it will be the first time Laura Vecmane has entered Sculpture On The Edge

Laura Vecmane loves the earth. Her art reflects this to the extent that she has created a form of expression called ‘Earth Art.’ Her media artwork “Living Earth” will be Laura’s first entry in Sculpture On The Edge art exhibition, and the HT team has a feeling there will be many more visual treats to come.

Laura Vecmane was born in Latvia, a small but culturally rich country and feels blessed to have had such origins, but life has taken her to many other great countries and beautiful places.

“Today I feel my identity is extended to one family of humanity and planet Earth is my home. I believe I am here to look after my “Home” – to do some space cleaning and gardening for future generations to come.”

When Laura was growing up she did not have many of the art and craft materials that are so readily available today. “I played in mud, sand, picked sticks and stones, leaves and flowers and studied snowflakes.

“Recycling whatever was at hand was a natural way of life, which as I realise today, gave me the opportunity to practice the precious skill of imagination and invention.

“I was born to be a visual person. My great grandmother was a fashion designer and seamstress, my grandmother was a weaver and gardener and my mum is very creative in many ways.

“My grandfather had his own camera and used to take photos and that was special for the times he lived in and I think that is where my photography gene came from.”

After Laura’s studies in high school and life in a beautiful, scenic and tranquil country town, her path took her to the capital of Latvia, Riga for further studies.

“I did not know at first that I was meant to study art. Despite all my talents, there was a pressure coming from society and my family to study something that I could sustain myself with and gain financial security, and I chose to become an interpreter of French and English languages.”

However, Laura admits that this study program “bored me to the point of depression” and she could not stay there any longer than four months.

At that time Laura saw a very raw and sad side of city life living in a poor suburb of Riga. She spent countless hours travelling public transport and wondering what meaning there was to such a life.

“A deep inner urge to find hope, comfort and light in a dark picture led me to study Sacred Art in the Christian Academy of Latvia. It was here that I discovered my talent in painting and began working on it every day.

Laura applied to become a student of the Art Academy of Latvia and finally succeeded after three years of trying. She gained skills in printmaking, iconography, mosaic making, photography and painting, thus becoming a multi-media visual artist, and finished her studies as the best student of the year.

“I was always studying contemporary, but found myself to be an old-school soul of timeless art. Looking at many great famous artists has given me confidence not to define self just by one art media.

“You can express yourself creatively in whatever way you feel like, in any given moment. As long as you practice it you will grow, and if you do your best you will succeed.”

Recently Laura been playing with photography as a creative tool and is currently exploring new ways to combine New Age technology with traditional art materials to create fine art.

“I believe it requires being totally present when you take a photo in order to make a photo worth taking. By doing so you also allow the creative energy to flow through you and into whatever you are capturing.

“Your camera and your computer become extensions of yourself, much like a paint brush.”

For an almost a year now, Laura has been a member of Forest Art Collective in Maleny.

“We share a common space and the common vision of using art to connect to the community, to learn together and to inspire each other to grow.

“I have deliberately used this platform to reach out through my art and invite others to take better care of the forest ecosystems, that purify our air and water, delight our eyes, inspire our souls and are home to the beautiful native wildlife.

“Out of this philosophy has grown Laura’s own attempts to create a nature- friendly form of self-expression that she calls Earth Art, using different natural materials, like garden and paper waste, flour and lime to create a sculpting mixture to mould in playful ways.

“I am keen to explore and experiment and see where this creative adventure takes me.”