melissa borich 1By Leeza Baric

A national magazine features Maleny’s Melissa Borich on the cover of their June edition. While Melissa is no stranger to gracing the pages of fashion magazines, these days her focus is on health and inner beauty.

The Australian Yoga Magazine photographed one of Melissa’s vinyasa sequences, (yoga flows) on location at her new studio and in yoga wear that she designed. They have also reviewed her new Mindfulness Meditation CD. “It’s a beautiful circle of common threads, bringing everything together,” Melissa says.

Melissa describes herself as calm, content, and a “glass half full” woman, “but my mother would say that I’m a strong woman also,” she smiles. Melissa’s experiences as an international model, co-business owner of Piece of Me, designer of yoga wear, yoga and meditation teacher, mother of Chloe, Holly and Eli and wife of Kevin Borich (Australian rock legend), has taught her that the most important thing in life is to appreciate living in the present moment.

Melissa’s Healing Space is beautiful with rays of light crossing the studio and is set amongst tall gums on her 80 acre property. However it’s Melissa’s warm and inviting personality that immediately makes you feel relaxed. We sat on the verandah in the morning sun, sipping green tea as Melissa told me her life story.

“I’ve always had a love for yoga and I did it quite diligently starting from my teens…what kept drawing me back to yoga was the way it made me feel on every level, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Melissa borich 2When Melissa moved to Maleny, she trained with Adam and Akash Bornstein from Radiant Light Yoga who firmly believed in the benefits of practising yoga and meditation daily. “If you look at self-discipline as self-love and nurturing, then looking after yourself takes on a whole different meaning. We can find twenty minutes to scroll through Facebook or post images on Instagram or do anything but meditate, sit still, or be quiet and attempt to still the mind,” Melissa says.

“When Kevin was diagnosed with cancer, the prognosis wasn’t good, the children were very young and I was starting up a business… but I never felt unsupported from a spiritual sense… I felt incredibly present and it enabled me to ask the right questions and be a very wise carer.”

“We integrated a holistic approach with his orthodox treatment. I really liked the Ian Gawler Foundation ethos, so I decided to learn a little bit more about the Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation they shared.”

Melissa Borich 3Melissa believes that her daily practise of yoga and meditation “makes everything seem a lot sweeter. You seem a lot more content with what you have rather than focusing on what you haven’t.”

“I’m eternally grateful to my teachers and to these practises that have been shared with me and I feel very strongly about sharing with others because they’ve been such a wonderful and profound experience in my daily life and also…helped to keep me well while I was helping to keep Kevin well and the family well.”

“I don’t deem myself a healer, it’s more about coming here, sharing practises that have worked for me… bringing balance back. I address how to do this in the courses that I run, taking a holistic approach.”

When I ask Melissa how she juggles being a mother, carer when Kevin was sick and running two businesses, she is adamant that she is not a superwoman.

“If you are trying for perfection, let it go. Something has to give. The idea of perfection in women creates an inferiority complex and that they’re not worthy.”

Melissa believes that we don’t often hear about the support network, for example: family support, or the cleaner, gardener or opting for take away food rather than wholesome home cooking, for other women who seem to be able to juggle it all. “What I have come to learn from my broad experience of working with different people… is that something has to give.”

“So for me modelling had to give and I was quite comfortable with that. I’d done years of it and it served me well and I was definitely moving more from the outer to the inner into a more meditative place.”

“My [business] partner, Wanita and I set up Piece of Me so that we were not in it every day. We shared the workload, so the shop for me was beautiful.” Wanita and Melissa have both agreed that it’s time to move on and advertised the business for sale.

Melissa discusses how some people believe they work well under pressure but states, “I think a lot of people don’t realise… that’s not how we were meant to be. A lot of people have forgotten how to truly relax and just be. We are so conditioned to fill every minute and to glorify the fact that ‘I’m so busy, I’ve got so much going on’, because to most people – that is success.”

To Melissa, success is enjoying the moment, being with her family and sharing what she has learnt over the years about health, nutrition, yoga and meditation. Her ‘Being a Woman Workshop’ on June 8 is about teaching women healthy lifestyle choices to create overall wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. Melissa says, “It’s really simple but very profound…it’s about bringing life to your life.”

For more information: Melissashealingspace.com