LOCAL BUSINESSMAN, Tony Glazebrook is on a rescue mission to save your special visual memories from oblivion.

Maleny Multimedia Man rescues precious memories

Known as Multi-Media Man, Tony is wrestling with old VHS tape and digitising them into the 21st century. He’s busting through the clutter of film prints to bring them out of the boxes and into the light. But he doesn’t stop there.

With his super powers he’s backing up entire photo albums, organizing them into slideshows with sound tracks and special effects. He’s resizing and re-touching everything from videos to YouTube. He specialises in editing and converting video, image and audio files.

“There are dozens of formats out there reeking havoc on unsuspecting humans, but I have the tools to beat them.”

“I can output DVDVideo, upload to YouTube and other social media sites, or covert any media to be compatible with computers, tablets, TVs, smartphones, consoles and media players.”

Maleny Multimedia Man is no stranger to technology. He’s backed by a history of technical and design capability from over 15 years. As a professional in the IT Industry he has worked for major companies as a software developer and designer, and developed a major PC game which he brought to market.

“Not only does this allow people to enjoy their memories all over again but it provides a secure back up for precious memories in the event they are lost or damaged,” he said.

Maleny Multimedia Man services most of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland directly, as well as providing many services on-line to anyone, anywhere.

If you have precious memories being held to ransom, contact Maleny Multimedia Man now by email on glazebrookt@gmail.com or mobile 0408 684 482.