Richard BoguszFull of Surprises
Richard Bogusz

RICHARD BOGUSZ has been painting professionally for more than forty years. His imaginative, narrative paintings are quite unique.

However, from time to time Richard feels he needs to do something entirely different and galleries and collectors are amazed at the wide range of styles and subjects he has produced.

“This year, we are pleased to announce that Richard has returned to his narrative paintings which are so very popular with collectors of all ages,” gallery director, Joan Page, told us.

Richard came to Australia as a five year old. On leaving school he joined the computer industry but decided to become a full time professional artist whilst still in his twenties.

“I committed myself to a way of life from which there was no return. For the next fourteen years, I entered shows, won awards and exhibited widely. Then, in 1986, I felt I needed to escape the hectic southern art world. I headed north finally settling just out of Townsville. The carefree lifestyle and the vibrant colours of the tropics were just what I needed to inspire me.”

“After fifteen years of this carefree life, I felt my ideas were beginning to dry up and it was time for a major change. In 2001 my family and I moved to Brisbane,” Richard informed us.

“The move south re-invigorated me. I experimented with different styles but kept returning to my narrative works but with a more sophisticated approach demanding a deeper and more questioning response from the viewer.”

“Coincidentally, Richard began his artistic career, the same year as The Montville Art Gallery was created,” Gallery Director, Tony Page told us. For his show in April, he has produced a new series in which he has increased and heightened the dimensions that have always been present in
his paintings.

Open daily from 10am to 5pm, Montville Art Gallery is located at 138 Main Street, Montville, opposite the Village Green. From July 1, Richard’s paintings will be featured under “Exhibitions” on the gallery’s website: www.montvilleartgallery.com.au

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