maleny IGAMALENY SUPA IGA continues to lead the way in helping customers identify what’s on their shelves. Owner Rob Outridge told HT, “I believe we were the first in Australia to introduce the ‘True Blue’ shelf labels, helping customers easily spot products made by Australian owned businesses.”

Years later, with the increasing focus on local food producers, the store once again saw the need to let customers know how they too could support their local farmers and producers. The answer was simple.

“We added a cow to the blue label to indicate a product made locally,” says Rob. “This coincided with the launch of the Real Food Festival and a range of ‘shelf talkers’ that highlighted even more the products that supported our Sunshine Coast businesses.”

More recently, and always keen to listen to customers and improve their service, Rob and the team launched a final label – pink for Gluten Free products.

“We have a very discerning community with a growing number becoming more health conscious. The pink label and the gluten free ‘end’ near the deli make it easier for them to find what they need.”