Felicity Grigor is constantly reminded that she is a member of one of the Hinterland’s earliest and most renowned pioneering families. The Grigors came from Scotland more than 100 years ago and ever since they have been  entrepreneurs, small business people and active members of their  Hinterland  communities. Felicity says she is one of the ‘Peachester  Grigors’ and at 20 is already putting down her own marker as a 21st century Grigor .

Felicity has just finished a three year bachelor of public relations degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast and she is an entrant in the Queensland Lions Miss Personality Quest as well as looking after PR for the Maleny Show, and fitting in an internship at the Sunshine Coast Council.

Some of the most enterprising Grigors were William and Mary who in 1868 built Bankfoot House, a stage coach stop on the Old Gympie Road at Glasshouse. The Peachester Grigors, particularly William Junior are noted for the sawmill built near the Stanley River at Peachester during the 1890s.

Felicity’s parents, Ashley and Casandra own the Landsborough IGA as well as running their own independent businesses  – her dad is an electrical contractor based in Caboolture and her mum runs a boutique in Forest Glen.

Felicity believes she comes from the same mould of entrepreneurial  Grigors.

“I was the sponsorship and promotions person for the Maleny Show this year and I have just been elected junior vice-president, and I will keep on doing the publicity which I really love”, she adds with one of her infectious laughs.

Until June next year Felicity will be the personality entrant for Lions. This role throws her into raising as much money as she can for medical research.

“I had no idea about the personality quest until I was asked this year. I love working with Lions. They are really supportive.   I am fund raising basically through five events, like the Mountain View Challenge and the Maleny Trail Ride, a bowls day is coming up, film and fashion nights and an ANZAC day event next April.”

“We also do hospital visits on two Sundays and at the end of the quest you are judged either on the most money you have raised, or who has the best personality. That is judged on an interview and questions on stage. “

“I do wonder how you can judge someone’s personality,” she queries with more laughter.” You do have to know a bit of history about the Lions quest and about how money is helping medical research, as well as a bit of general knowledge.”

As a PR graduate Felicity is already soaking up as much experience as she can get. Apart from writing for and promoting the Maleny Show she is being drawn into community engagement through her internship at the Sunshine Coast Council.

Grigor & Sons Living room – 1895 William Grigor, his wife Mary and three of their sons. James on violin, Kenneth, William and son Sr. William Andrew seated. William and Mary built the house and lived in it from 1868 to 1907 when William Sr died.

“I have had a bit to play in encouraging young teenagers to take part in the Show Girl competition. I have done the Show Girl and came runner up, so I know what’s involved. But I am finding it very challenging to get through to these girls. They think it’s about what dress to wear, or how to do your hair. But it’s really about participation, how well you communicate and present yourself. It is a great experience because it helps you develop your personality, build your presentation skills, and your confidence.”

Like any 20 year-old with her feet on the first rung of a professional life, Felicity has a bewildering range of options to choose from.

“I would like an internship in the communications industry in America at some stage, and I want to set up my own company and see where that goes. But I am only 21 next year and I think, I can afford to take a year off, well only in the sense of not going straight into a 9-5 job.  Maybe at the end of that year I will have to take a job, but I live by the notion that I’ll be fine. I am sure an opportunity will arise.”

I am interning for the Sunshine Coast Council one day a week. I asked for something in community engagement which is something that I really do enjoy. I do enjoy community events so in terms of a future career I would go down that track.

“Right now I have no urgency to move out of home,” she says with another burst of laughter. “Obviously my mum and dad support me which I am so thankful for. And if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be able to do the various voluntary things that I do.

“I love doing the voluntary work and particularly the community events. I see progress and see that what I am doing is making a difference and that is humbling for sure.”

Felicity will host a fun-filled,bare-foot bowls morning at the Maleny Bowls Club on Sunday November 11. 10am-2.30pm. Tickets: $25 including the games, a steak and salad lunch. Available at Maleny Newsagency, Maleny Video Network and Landsborough IGA. For more information: Felicity – 0437 966 589.