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Lake Eyre: A Journey Through The Heart of The Continent by Paul Lockyer

The book – Lake Eyre: A journey through the heart of the continent – was completed just days before the trio Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Bean and helicopter pilot Gary Ticehurst died in a helicopter crash while they were filming in South Australia’s remote outback last year.

Lake Eyre occupies a vast mythological and real landscape – its basin makes up one sixth of the Australian continent and it is the ‘inland sea’ so many early explorers died trying to discover. The lake is a vast salty desert plain. Only once in a generation when rains sweep in from Queensland, does the lake fill up. In this stunning book, reporter Paul Lockyer tells the story of the great lake through words and magnificent photographs.

How Tea Cosie Changes the World

by Loani Prior

The wonderful and entertaining Loani has agreed to visit us again.

We had such fun during her last stopover. Some Maleny folk were lucky enough to experience a little of her ‘tea cosie crazyness’ at an event hosted by Rosetta

Books last year. Once again allow yourself to be carried along in her creative passion with “How Tea Cosies Changed the World” – Loani’s fantastic follow-up to “Really Wild Tea Cosies”. Loani’s outrageous imagination has produced 24 vibrant new designs that transform the conventional tea cosy into a knitted piece of art.

Full of humour, flair and creativity, “How Tea Cosies Changed the World” will delight and inspire you. The book features: strikingly original creations suitable for all skill levels. Its, engaging text makes crafting accessible to everyone. Loani will be here again on 15 May. Call Rosetta Books for more details.

Perfect Parents Perfect Children Changing the World by Celebrating our PerfectionDr Bob Jacobs

We at Rosetta Books felt very pleased and privileged to have had our own resident psychologist, Dr Bob Jacobs talk with us recently about his new book.

Dr Bob held a captive audience with entertaining and enlightening anecdotal and evidence-based stories for those who want to hear a different perspective about parenting our children. His book makes clear that we do not need to “tame” or “control” our children and suggests how to eliminate “power struggles” and put the joy back into parenting.

In Dr Bob’s own words, his wonderful book is about “celebrating the fact that we and our children are already perfect, and instilling a steady belief in our intrinsic value, which is not conditional on our achievements.