BOOK TWO of John Pullinger’s trilogy ‘The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da’, set in Vietnam, finds the hero, veteran Steve Conway, on a journey, to find an old wartime friend.

The devastated city of Saigon has become a booming free-wheeling metropolis powered by the God, Honda. A romantic interlude engulfs Conway in a cocktail of violence and murder fuelled by deception, the clash of cultures and the undercurrents of hatred still festering in the minds of some combatants from both sides of the Vietnam conflict.

Pullinger’s knowledge of the language and customs is a masterful blend of travel odyssey and explosive action with a surprise ending.

John Pullinger is a former travel writer, English teacher and hotelier. He was born and educated in Brisbane, and has worked in and out of Southeast Asia for over twenty years. He currently lives and writes on the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da is available from : Rosetta’s Book Shop Maple Street Maleny or via: www.vividpublishing.com.au/lastcyclo