Russian songstress at UpFront

In December Russian-born Innessa will make her Australian debut at the Upfront Club’s large stage in Maleny.

At age 9, Innessa was invited to join the local choir and began her lifelong passion for music and performing. After several years of expanding her vocal talents and learning the guitar, by the age of 16 she had combined her poetry, she started performing her original compositions.

In a very infant democratic Russia – Innessa was compelled to study law at university but never lost or forgot her true passion in life – Music. She immediately started a covers rock band and was influenced by artists such as The Cranberries, Garbage, No Doubt, Alanis Morissette and others.

She has spent time living, studying music and performing on the Black Sea, Moscow, Egypt, Spain,the USA, and has now settled in Australia.

At the Upfront gig on December 10 she will be supported by Ukranian guitarist, Misha Gursky, whom she met during the recording of her debut album this year, simply called Innessa. This album is a blending of Pop, Soft Alternative Rock, Russian Folk and unique romantic melodies into a diverse collection of 11 songs.

Music at 6.30pm. Gold coin donation Tel: 5494 2592.