Walk with Evangeline to the Kondalilla Falls

HINTERLAND ARTIST Evangeline Cachinero will lead a new walk in the 2011 Sunshine Coast Walks Festival.

The Kondalilla Falls remains one of the most beautiful bushwalks on the Sunshine Coast. Imagine walking through this gorgeous tropical rainforest while taking the time to sit and make sketches with other art lovers.

Join local artist Evangeline Cachinero as she guides you on an artful walk and get immersed in nature by sitting, observing and sketching. The walk will end with a friendly BBQ at the Kondalilla Picnic Area where participants can share their brand new sketches.

“Basically its a way to meet other artists,” says Evangeline, “who are interested in art, nature and the area for a nice walk. I want the group to feel comfortable so that they can respond to the environment. They should bring a sketch pad, pencils and pens, but no paints.

“What I want to do is to teach them a different way to look at nature, and maybe to use nature in the artwork… to get their hands dirty,” she added with a laugh.

“At the end of the walk we will sit down and exchange ideas, and comment on each other’s work. It’s a way of getting the dialogue happening and to get them to make friends.

The point is to get people talking about themselves. Because when people make art, it’s exploring another part of themselves. You never know what’s going to come out of it,” said Evangeline.

If you are interested in joining Evangeline on her Kondalilla Falls artists walk on Saturday August 27 at 9.00am, contact Fran on the Walks Festival hotline: 0428 828 566 or email: hoffos@hotmail.com

Check out Evangeline’s website at: www.evangeline.com.au

There is a $10 booking fee and BBQ with this walk.

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