THE LAST Jeep to Baclaran is the first book of a trilogy by local Maleny author John Pullinger. He has produced a gripping yarn of corruption, lust, greed and the brutality of the drug trade which permeated the dying days of the Marcos regime in the Philippines.

Based on his own observations as a journalist in Manila at that time, Pullinger has captured the excitement and colour of the night life, the bar scenes, corrupt officials, prostitution driven by poverty, the futility of alcohol fuelled Australian ex-pats eking out their lives in Manila, usually as a haven from some murky deed in Australia.

Pullinger’s eye for detail with his descriptions of locations, the food, the beautiful and exotically clothed women, keeps you focussed on location in Manila.

All of the characters are well drawn in an action packed story led by the hero with all the sexual prowess, skills and luck of a James Bond. A good read.

Jack Wilcox

Available at Rosetta Books of Maleny Also: www.vividpublishing.com.au and amazon.com