Managing Time …

I THINK most of us agree, time seems to be speeding up, or at least thats how it feels.

Every aspect of our lives needs our loving attention or slowly, sometimes unnoticed, we, the people and things we value, suffer until it can be very difficult to make repairs.

Routine can numb our awareness that time spent enjoying each other in an unhurried way is essential to our wellbeing.

Too often when I work with children they express their sadness that everyone seems too busy to do simple things with them, to enjoy them just for the sake of being with them. There is a profound difference in just walking along the beach with a child or loved one, or going to a movie and then allowing enough time together to talk about it, than to just go shopping together.

Many husbands and wives share the pain they feel each night when they just sit with their partner night after night in front of the TV. They long for the companionship, interest and affection that once created a strong bond in the relationship. We need time to prepare nourishing meals. Time to reflect on what we’re feeling deep inside, time to communicate and time to listen.

We need to remember that all our goals and striving for the future may be strongly affected by how we are investing in what counts most, our well being and our loved ones.

Look at ways that you can eliminate the time zappers in your life and enjoy each day more.

Marisa Kliese is a Clinical Member Aust. Counselling Assoc. Fellow Holistic Life Coach. Reiki Master. Fellow Aust. Natural Therapists Assoc.

Marisa can be contacted on 5494 2627.