Evolution… you don’t know what you’re missing

PEOPLE SEEK happiness in material objects and sensory pleasure. This is like watering the leaves and flowers of a plant but ignoring the roots. Consciousness is underlying our existence; our state of consciousness determines our perception of the world. When we are stressed we make short sighted, often irrational decisions; our behaviour is just a knee jerk reaction and usually not how we would wish to have behaved in hindsight.

While our consciousness affects our thoughts, speech and actions, consistent development of consciousness is sought by few and often only when all else fails. It is not taught in school curriculums and while parents recognise the need for a child to learn to speak, what generates the quality of what they speak about goes without recognition.

When Maharishi first came to America to teach Transcendental Meditation, nearly 60 years ago, he came with the intention to spiritually regenerate the world. He spoke about how Transcending could relieve stress and strain in the mind and body so that the individual could realise their full potential. He was surprised when a newspaper published an article claiming TM to be a natural tranquilliser.

While TM has been proven to reduce insomnia by reducing stress, Maharishi’s deeper purpose was to bring greater clarity to people’s lives and for them to develop higher states of consciousness not to send them to sleep. To your average American in the 50’s development of consciousness was barely conceivable.

60 years on and times have changed, Quantum Physics has discovered that there is a unified field that underlies all of life, it cannot be perceived by the eye but it gives the blueprint for all that is perceived. It is like discovering that a plant has roots and that by giving nourishment to the roots the whole plant blossoms. While scientists have discovered the existence of the roots they are still coming to grips with what this actually means.

The experience of Transcendental Consciousness is as different to our normal waking state of consciousness as the waking state is to the state of dreaming. Largely the dreaming state of consciousness is characterised by confusion and a strange sequence of events over which we have no control. On the path way to enlightenment, each step brings increasing clarity. It is only when you evolve that you can see the progress that has been made. Looking back is like looking back at a dream, where one seems at the mercy of life’s ever changing circumstances. While evolution is a natural process in life, connecting to the unified field in our consciousness through Transcendental Meditation speeds up this natural process.

Wendy Rosenfeldt is a Maharishi Vedic Health Educator and Teacher of Transcendental Meditation. There will be Introductory talks on Transcendental Meditation in Noosa on Nov 13t at 10am and in Maleny on November 17 at 1pm. Please call Wendy on 5499 9580 or 0438507188 to book for the talk or for an Ayurveda consultation.