FRENCH-BORN artist Nathalie Bastier sees the world, people and environment through textures, repetitive patterns and colours. Her exhibition at Maleny’s UpFront Club ends on March 16.

Her strong works involve a labor intensive process -a step by step procedure including the manipulation and outlay of elements such as textiles, plants and the creation of their imprints and traces. She uses colour to bring out their texture, their richness and hidden beauty.

“I see a connection with the way we, as human beings, retain traces of events, experiences and significant objects that hold quiet meanings” says Nathalie. “The traces left are printed into our inner imagery and memory, forever altering the colors and textures of our lives”.

Nathalie has a strong artistic background with her grandfather and father both painters and sign writers. It was her father who passed on so many of the skills and techniques she uses in her art.

Nathalie is a senior support worker for Sunshine Coast Independent living Services in Nambour. She works in her private studio whenever she has the time.