AT THE HINTERLAND TIMES we are always on the lookout for local youngsters who are achieving great things. We have two in this edition. Bianca Bond is the daughter of our well known Hinterlander, Beverley Hand. Bianca is making an impression in her own right as a strong advocate for regional youth. Busy all over the Coast, Bianca has just been named the Young Citizen of the Year by Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Our other young achiever is 15 year-old Stacey Bentley, a striking young woman, just starting Year 12 at Beerwah State High and a national paint horse champion in her spare time. Stacey is off to Fort Worth Texas soon to compete in the international paint horse championships as part of an Australian team. What’s also impressive is that Stacey is fundraising for the many thousands of dollars she needs to make the trip.

Following some suggestions from readers we have a couple of new columns in this edition -Mind Your Business offers advice for small business owners and it’s written by a very experienced marketing and ad man – Eddy Oddy. We also have an Auto Guide column which is prepared for us by a couple of professional motoring journalists Yvonne and David Williams.

Two outspoken Christian priests, are launching separate books this month. Catholic rebel Father Peter Kennedy and Anglican cleric and academic, Ray Baraclough each challenge religious orthodoxy. Peter was sacked from St Mary’s in South Brisbane in 2009 for supposedly breaking with Catholic liturgy. In Peter’s book supporters have written about the man, Catholic doctrine and the dire future of the Church.

Ray Baraclough faces the difficult question of why so many believe God is responsible for earthquakes, epilepsy and global warming. Why is a loving God so cruel?
We have reviewed both books in this edition, and I will chair a community conversation with both authors in Maleny on March 17 (see p.32-33).

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Michael Berry