Garden of a Lifetime
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch at Cruden Farm
Anne Latreille

This beautiful book by garden writer Anne Latreille provides us not only with a detailed and exquisitely photographed depiction of one of Australia’s best known gardens, but also with a fascinating biography of its owner, Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.

The book’s title is most apt, as Elizabeth Murdoch, who has just turned one hundred, has had the rare privilege of tending this wonderful garden for over eighty years. From its original design by Edna Walling, the garden has evolved under Dame Elizabeth’s care and her keen eye for design and colour and her love of nature are very evident. The book provides a fitting tribute to a remarkable life.
Girl in a Blue Dress
Gaynor Arnold

Girl in  Blue Dress by Gaynor Arnold

Alfred Gibson, the most famous novelist of Victorian times and much loved by the British public, is dead and his estranged wife has not been invited to the funeral. Ousted from the family home ten years earlier, Dorothea now reflects back on their years together before the humiliating separation sent her into exile from her children, family and friends. Scandal, theatrical celebrity and the pageant of the Victorian era are brought to life in this examination of the complexity of relationships and people’s desire for greatness by association.
Longlisted for the 2008 Man Booker Prize, Girl In A Blue Dress will be popular with readers of historical fiction and fans of Charles Dickens.
Magician of Hoad 
Margaret Mahy

The Magician of Hoad by Margaret Mahy

is her latest fantasy novel. The story begins when Heriot, a young farmer boy, is found to have magical powers and is forced to serve the King of Hoad as his royal magician. While Heriot is in Diamond, the King’s city, he meets Cayley, the rat of the city, and the two lonely souls forge an unlikely friendship.
Although similar in setting to other fantasy novels, the development of the characters and the complex relationships set The Magician of Hoad apart from others in the genre. This novel is suitable for ages 14-18 and readers of The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobbs or The Darksong Trilogy by Isobelle Carmody will enjoy The Magician of Hoad and the intricate characters it has to offer.
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